2022 – ‘Shattered – I left my skin…’
Maria Maneta, Installation for Prix Pictet - FIRE, Athens Conservatory
23 June – 10 July, 2022

Shattered – I left my skin…

2021 – ‘Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis. In the Belt of Change’, Group Contemporary Art Exhibition
Curated by Katerina Koskina, Hainan China, Ocean Flower Museum
20 May – 8 December, 2021
Exhibition Design, lighting design, remote set up

Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis. In the Belt of Change’, Group Contemporary Art Exhibition

2021 – ‘HERE’, Maria Hassabi, Installation & Performance, Secession, Vienna
14 May – 20 June, 2021
Installation Design


2018 – ‘Staircases’, Rena Papaspyrou, Solo Contemporary Art Exhibition

Curated by Christophoros Marinos. House of Cyprus Duration 19 April – 18 May, 2018
Exhibition Design and set up


2018 – ‘Acropolis at the bottom’, Group Contemporary Art Exhibition
Curated by Katerina Nikou
Nikos Kessanlis Hall, Athens School of Fine Arts, Pireos 256
25 May – 11 June, 2018


2017 – Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall’s Contemporary Art Exhibition ´The Garden Sees´. Curated by Anna Kafetsi.
Concept and Design Execution – Coordination and Production Supervision by Maria Maneta. Duration 6 July – 17 Sept, 2017

Beyond Reform

2014 - NEON City Project 2014, Aemilia Papaphilippou, Pulsating Fields
Ancient Agora, Athens 8 Oct-30 Nov, 2014

Beyond Reform

2013 - 'Towards the production of Dialogues On The Market Of Bronze and Other Precious Materials', AGORA, 4th Biennale of Athens,
artist: Theo Prodromidis, curator: Katerina Nikou.

Installation design and construction supervision

Beyond Reform

2014 - 'Nautilus: Nagivating Greece', Bozar, Brussels.
The Greek Ministry of Culture organized the exhibition, in response to the Greek Presidency in the European Parliament. (January to April)

Beyond Reform

2011 - 'Beyond Reform', 54th Biennale Venice, artist: Diohandi, curator: Maria Maragkou (January-June)
Cooperation with the artist on the installation design and setup of the Greek Pavilion, construction design, 3D photorealistic presentation, administrative work, issuing of the license of the Pavilion

Beyond Reform

2007 -'The End', Greek participation at the 52nd Biennale Venice, artist: Nikos Alexiou, curators: Nadja Argyropoulou/Giorgos Tzirtzilakis (April-September)
Constructional, 3D and photorealistic design of the visual installation, organization of the licence issuing procedure of the Greek Pavilion.

The End

2007  'Arrivée Passage', artist: Vana Xenou, Palais-Royal, Paris (April-October and February)
Construction design supporting technically the installations of the visual artist´s individual exhibition placed in the gardens of Palais Royal in Paris, organization of the exhibition and communication with the French Ministry of Culture, supervision.


2008 -'Transexperiences', group contemporary art exhibition of the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Greece in Beijing, curator: Dr. Anna Kafetsi, Director of the Museum (February-June)
Design, construction design and supervision of the setting up of the exhibition, Cultural Year of Greece in China.


2009 - 'The Countries of E.U.', individual visual art exhibition, artist: Pavlos, European Parliament, Brussels.
Exhibition setup, supervision, organization.

The Countries of E.U.

2008 - 'Tomorrow will be a beautiful day', gallery Bernier-Eliades,artist: Nikos Navridis (March-April)
Cooperation with the artist on the installation design, supervision.

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day

2007 - 'Jean Cocteau and Greece', Benaki Museum, curator: Loretta Gaiti (May)
Construction design (walls, glass cases) for the technical support of the visual art exhibition.

Jean Cocteau and Greece

2010 - 'Elefsina 2010', Aeschylia Festival, VOTRYS Factory, artist: Diohandi (September)
Set up supervision, visual installation design, organization.

Elefsina 2010

2010 - 'Liquid Sky', permanent art installation, Onassis Cultural Centre Lounge, artist: Aemilia Papafilippou (March-September)
3D/photorealistic representation of the existing 3D model in the given architectural space, so as to present the proposal to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, detailed architectural study of the proposal, design of construction data, supervision , person in charge of the suspension of the installation on lounge s ceiling.

Liquid Sky

2011 - 'Photocopies 1980', 'Photocopies 2011', artist: Rena Papaspyrou, Athens Biennale-Monodrome (November)
Collaboration with the visual artist, materializing the installations


2011 - National Museum of Contemporary Art of Greece and Hellenic Ministry of Civilization, 'Outdoor events in the city of Athens', 'Red Eyed Sky Walkers', visual artist: Jenny Marketou
Collaboration with the director of the museum Dr. Anna Kafetsi on the installation design.


2010 - Permanent art installation, Athens Metro station "Chalandri", artist: Rena Papasyrou (February)
Cooperation with the artist on the project and its installation at the platform of the station, 3D/photorealistic presentation to the "Attiko Metro" company, construction design of the installation and construction supervision.


2007 - Permanent installations, artist Yiannis Bouteas, Athens Metro station "Kerameikos" (February-June)
Cooperation with the artist on the design of his permanent installation works, such as 3D photorealistic representation, presentation to the "Attiko Metro Company", construction design, construction supervision.